Web Design: Common Myths and Facts

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Web Design: Common Myths and Facts

Every web designer has been bound with certain do’s and don’ts passed to them by others. In the web design industry, there are various myths and misconceptions associated with web-design that has been consciously or subconsciously circulated in the public. Different people create various benchmarks as an upcoming trend from where myths began to form. In fact, website design riddled with a diverse range of myths from which some based on outdated facts and some are completely wrong.

Web Design: Common Myths and Facts

Content is the King: No doubt that “Content is the King” of the Web but it’s also true that “a picture speaks louder than words”. Content can be supported by images, animation, and sound to enhance the overall look of the website. So, it is advisable to use content with animation, sound, and applets together carefully and intelligently to make a website more appealing.

Successful website: Fast, Cheap and Good: The biggest website design myth is that an individual can get a web portal fast, cheap and good. The fact is one cannot get all the three together. There is a possibility a person get website design at fast turnaround time and cheap rates but need to make a compromise on quality standards. On the other hand, an individual can get a good web portal at cheap rates but won’t at fast turnaround time.

The customer is always right: A customer may not always correct when it comes to designing a web portal. The reason is simple – a customer is not aware of the latest trends, web operations and techniques. A professional web expert should always suggest to his client with the best solution and make them satisfy through high-quality work.

A beautiful website is the best design: It’s a fact that every website should look good but it’s not necessary that every good web design is best. Apart from aesthetically appealing factor, there are many other bells and whistles that make a design of a website perfect and complete. Best website is the one that communicates the brand ethos to the public in the right way.

Use excessive graphics: It’s always good to use lots of appropriate images with right content various pages on the website. But remember that too many pages can affect the loading speed of a web page of a site. The trick to escape from this problem is simple – include “height” and “width” HTML attributes on images so that text will load first. Save images in .jpg format and save web images, clip art, etc in .gif format. Sometimes, too many graphics become an alarming thing and entices the eyes of the visitors. So, beware of using too many graphics.

Above, some really common myths and misconceptions related to web-design have been highlighted with the fact. An individual can consider the above-discussed factors to get an answer to all the myths correctly when it comes to website design.


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